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Although the complete lack of any kind of safe storage for the largest pearl ever discovered would personally make me a little nervous, this fisherman probably slept like a baby on top of his $100 million pearl mountain. It doesn’t take a pearl expert to know that’s freakin’ huge, and worth a fortune large enough to ensure our fisherman never has to fish another day in his life. A pearl bger than a few bowling balls and wehing more than a small child is pretty damn impressive. Keeping this amount of money as cash, it would likely lose about 3 percent every year to inflation, or nearly 1/4 of its value every 10 years.

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Which means while this giant pearl was sitting under his bed, it was, by all accounts, the greatest emergency fund in history. But think of the investment returns lost by leaving one tenth of a billion dollars underneath his mattress. We’re talking nearly $25 million of lost purchasing power.

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Meanwhile, this pearl was sitting under the fisherman’s bed, doing nothin’.

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“Haha, crazy fisherman…” we all say as we glance at his story before moving onto the next topic to judge.Sex messenger The Free Adult Dating App

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